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CP-Sports Fitness Gloves and Fitness Accessories
CP-Sport is Germany's largest manufacturer and supplier for the European and global market specializing in fitness equipment, such as Fitness gloves, weight lifting belt and wrist wraps.
CP-Sports manufactures a variety of sports nutrition and fitness accessories such as gloves, weightlifting belts, training bandages, lifting straps, workout handles, dumbbells and weights in the highest quality standard available. We also offer sportswear, gymnastics and boxing equipment.
Valuable prices, high quality and a big product range combined with many years of experience are some of the reasons why CP Sports is now known worldwide.
Also our personalized service for productions of fitness accessories with own logo is well known and is one of our hallmark since 1990.
Order yours today or sign up as a trader and take advantage of our attractive prices and our extensive service. Or contact our customer service.


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